Restaurant L'Orignal opened in the winter of 2008 to a warm welcome from locals and tourists alike.  The room is decked out in chalet decor, and is a little getaway to the the middle of Old Montreal.  The kitchen turns out local farm dishes with a modern look. With fun play lists and our variety of cocktails, L'Orignal is a little bit more than just your local restaurant.

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Small Plates


Demi Burrata (18)

served with rhubarb chutney


Bison tartar (18)

classic French style


Foie gras (18)


Smoked Fish (14)

leek with radishes


Duck smoked meat salad(17)


Garden Salad (11)

Quebec lettuce with summer vegetables, green grapes,

toasted pumpkin seeds and French dressing


Heirloom Tomato Salad (13)

with peaches



Bigger Plates


Fish M.P.


Fresh Pasta with Organic rabbit, with mushrooms and a poached egg (32)


Braised Quebec lamb shoulder (33)


Our “Big cut” Game Meat (M.P.)





Mashed potatoes (5)


Garlic green beans, toasted almonds (5)


Grilled cauliflower all dressed (5)


Herb risotto with walnut pesto (7)


Duck fat potatoes (7)



Menu changes daily. This is a sample menu.

Restaurant L'Orignal  |  479, Saint Alexis, Montreal, Quebec  |  (514) 303-0479  |  RESERVATIONS | All photography by Riccardo Cellere